What is 'The Family Elephant'?

Death - The (Family) Elephant in the room

Talking about Death and Money is uncomfortable. Especially when discussing the subject with your loved ones. That's why we've created The Family Elephant. To eliminate this trend and make talking about death normal and healthy. Our unique approach is designed to disrupt the current outdated approach to death.

Changing Our Industry

'Tick box' legal processes don't cut it anymore

The world has changed and we don't believe the industry has adapted to correctly serve modern families. That's why our unique approach embraces the new normal and caters for:

  1. 1Blended families
  2. 2Unique career and asset history
  3. 3Multiple income streams
Less jargon, more understanding

Concepts you'll (finally) relate to

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'Key in the door'

How will it feel when your family opens the door to your home after you're gone? What’s left for them?  Is all your paperwork in order? Or is it stuffed in the bottom drawer of your desk? Remember, you’ve made an impact whilst on the planet. Don’t spoil it by leaving behind a mess when you’ve left.

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'Soft Landing'

When you pass away, your family will need to have time to grieve and adjust. Will you give them that through having all your affairs in order? Have you saved them stress and money by preparing properly? This is why you need to consider a plan that will create that soft landing

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'Kicking the can....'

We empathise with you wanting to put this off - no one wants to have a sensitive talk about dying, probate, power of attorney, etc.  It's easier to keep kicking it down the road.  It’s common to feel this way.  So let's take baby steps to get organised and build a plan which includes your family and reduces that anxiety.

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