Digitally store everything your family will need

With TFE Confidential, all your essential documents are stored in a secure digital vault. Easily accessible for when the time comes.

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The Family Elephant is your family’s partner in sorting out your family elephant in the room.
Money and death needs organising and not avoiding

Introducing TFE Confidential

It is time to take personal control, allowing your loved ones to better cope with the loss of losing you and saving £1,000’s in unnecessary costs.

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Time and again, we’ve seen people relying on a local firm of Solicitors to sort probate. These firms love to hit you with hidden costs you don't see until you get the bill. This is because every time they pick up your file they charge you (even if it is a hold-up caused by their own inefficiency).

Help your loved ones dodge these fees by getting all your relevant information on TFE Confidential. A secure platform your trusted family members can access when the time comes.

Key Features

Everything all in one place

TFE Confidential allows you digitally store essential documents in a secure online platform. Ready to be accessed by your family when the time comes.

Document Vault

Retire the messy bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Move all your essential documents to the vault. Safe and secure. Easily accessible when needed.

Grant access to trusted parties

Choose your trusted contacts. Manage the access they have to your vault. Allow to them edit, upload, delete, change or view specific documents.

Be notified with every change

Keeping track of every change is challenging. Receive a notification every time your trusted professionals add or edit something in your vault.

Secure and Protected

TFE Conidential has two-factor login and all stored data encrypted on an ISO 27001-certified platform. (In layman's terms —it’s entirely safe and secure).

Ditch the messy bottom drawer

Upgrade to the secure online document vault. TFE Confidential provides a digital platform to safely store all your critical paperwork, including wills, trusts, insurance policies, and more. Our intuitive interface also makes it easy to set up and keep updated.

Be notified with every change

Managing all the paperwork can become hectic. Especially with solicitors, lawyers, accountants and many more involved in your planning process. Keep track of every change with the TFE confidential notifications.

Grant access to trusted parties

Allow trusted family members, advisors and professionals to access to your vault. Letting them add to, edit or simply view your critical death documents.

Secure and Protected

The Family Elephant Confidential is a highly secure environment. Data stored on the platform is encrypted and secured by Single Sign On and Multi-Factor Authorisation (i.e. No one but you will be able to access your data).

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