A better partner than your high street Solicitor or Will Writer (that will actually return you leads). The best referral partner in your black book.

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Why partner with us...

In most scenarios, people don’t like to brag about their amazing financial advisor who made them loads of money. (Especially the humble ones who don't like to talk about money). That's why clients find it difficult to refer you. But clients will definitely tell their friends about the great planners who helped tackle their looming family elephant, and manage their estate for their death.

The Family Elephant vs Traditional Solicitors

Why we're better partners

  1. - We help you to get new clients via referrals and/or joint events
  2. - We help you engage with your clients younger generation, reducing the impact of your ageing client bank
  3. - We add to the support you give your clients (with very little work from your side)
  4. - We help to further differentiate you from your competitors
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So many of your clients have not dealt with their family elephant in the room

We estimate, in excess 90% of all UK families have not dealt with the Family Elephant in the room. Their loved ones are extremely vulnerable. By working with us, you will help to deal with this major problem and further enhance your good reputation.

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