Probate is the legal process of dealing with the property, money, and possessions (the estate) of a person who has died. Probate proves that a Will is valid and confirms who has the authority to organise the estate.

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Why choose us?

We help to reduce the worry and pressure you face when dealing with complicated legal documents and the gathering of messy paperwork. We handhold you through this by sorting through documents of loved ones, completing calculations and applying for a Grant of Probate on your behalf.With the support of a caring, approachable and organised relationship manager you will be able to deal with the passing of your loved one without the burden of all the legal and financial headache.

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How the process works

Achieving the best results involves taking you on a logical, straightforward journey. Here are the steps we’ll take together:


Initial Conversation

To meet one another, understand your current situation and goals

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Options Explained

A follow-on meeting to discuss the next steps and areas TFE can manage on your behalf

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We'll organise any files that need sorting and complete any additional documents

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Grant of Probate is applied for

We'll complete inheritance tax calculation and submit your application for Grant of Probate


Grant of Probate accepted

Grant is sent to you and the executors. Finances can now be distributed and the Will followed

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