Leave a legacy
Not a nightmare

We help individuals holistically prepare for their death. Finally tackling the elephant in the room. Helping you create a soft landing for your loved ones. Even when you’re not around.

The Elephant in the room isn't just about paperwork...

Confront Your Elephant Early —The emotional side.

Passing away is a topic often avoided. It’s the ever-growing elephant in the room. That’s why we’re here to help turn that anxiety into relief.

  1. 1Bring families closer with proper preparation
  2. 2Provide loved ones with everything they'll need
  3. 3Rest easy knowing you've done all you can
TFE Confidential

Digitally store everything your family will need.

Document Vault

Retire that messy middle drawer of the filing cabinet. Move all your essential documents to the vault. Safe and secure. Easily accessible when needed.

Grant access to trusted parties

Choose your trusted contacts. Manage the access they have to your vault. Allow to them edit, upload, delete, change or view specific documents.

Notifications for every change

Keeping track of everything is challenging. Receive a notification every time your trusted professionals make a change in your vault.

Secure and Protected

All information stored in TFE Confidential is encrypted on an ISO 27001 certified platform. (In layman's terms —it’s entirely safe and secure).

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